DIY Wine Bottle Succulent Planter Tutorial


Hanging wine bottle succulent planter is a perfect pick for home gardening. It is a DIY project for those who are interested to think outside the box.  Wine bottle planters are quite common these days.

Recently I thought of making a bottle planter. The first thought that came to my mind was finding the right type of bottle. I think it is better to prefer wine bottles with unique design. When it comes to making a planter using glass bottle, the main concern is cutting the glass.

  • How to cut the wine bottle?
  • How to find the right succulent to plant?
  • Is it possible to set up hanging planters?

Instead of throwing something to trash, why can’t you make something that add a positive look to your garden? I was always inspired by creative craft ideas. Although it takes some patience to make a wine bottle succulent planter, it is worth the effort.You can plant succulents as well as herbs in these bottles.

Wine Bottle Succulent Planter Tutorial

Materials Needed:

  • Wine bottle
  • Glass cutter
  • Sand paper
  • Candle

The first step is to make a mark on the bottle to identify the portion to cut. After drawing a boundary line, keep the bottle on fire. You can also soak a piece of yarn in nail polish remover and tie around the bottle. Just light the candle and keep the bottle such that the marked area comes over heat. Keep it for sometime and then dip the bottle in cold water. Due to sudden change in temperature, the heated area would tend to break. Apply little pressure to separate the marked portion.

The broken glass may not have fine edges. Now you can use a sand paper to shape the edges. Sometimes it needs little practice to achieve the desired result. After cutting the bottle, it is time to fill it with pebbles, sand and moss. You can easily plant any succulent of your choice in the bottle.

Chcek out this video tutorial to get a clear understanding of the process:

DIY Wine Bottle Succulent Planter Ideas

XSThings (George & Andrea)wine-bottle-gardenRehabulouswine-bottle-planter-etsy

BottleGardens (Chase & Denise)wine-bottle-succulent-planterBlossomwine-bottle-cactus

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