Amazing Tree House Designs and Ideas


Tree house designs are always an interesting choice for many around us. Most people search for tree house resorts and holidays to spend vacation in an amazing way. These ideas help us to get closer to the nature. We often think about such houses built on trees as an alternative heaven on earth. It was a genuine idea and way of living which was implemented in the earlier ages by people who lived in forests. There are tribes who live in such houses permanently. It is often the most secure way to hide themselves from animals such as elephants. It was also helpful during the times of flood. 

Now tree houses hold a unique position in forest tourism. Leading architects and tree house designers build creative houses on trees which are perfect to spend holidays. Keeping the traditional element apart, these houses are constructed in a contemporary manner. It often includes several floors, modern interiors and even glass walls. Tree house resorts in Japan, India and Canada are quite famous tourist spots. Eco-friendly living concepts are best outlined with hill station resorts. Tree house Waynad and Munnar are quite famous destinations of India. Wooden structures and igloo like houses built on trees are a feast to eyes. Here are some of the selected tree house designs from various parts of the globe. 

Tree House Designs









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