Step By Step Easy Arabic Mehendi Designs For Beginners


Looking for easy step by step mehendi designs? Here is a  tutorial on how to design simple Arabic mehendi design on hands. If you are a beginner in mehndi designing, this one may be for you. This is an easy design for your wrist. Let us start with a floral pattern.

Take the mehendi cone and make a small hole so that the henna can flow out well. You may have found mango patterns in mehendi designs. Mango inspired designs adds a touch of beauty to the overall design. Mehendi designing is not a Himalayan task and you can master this art if you have a pinch of creativity and ample time. Start with the following pattern with flower like strokes.

Step by Step Arabic Mehendi Designs

mehendi designs for beginners

Around the half-drawn flower, draw a mango outline. After finishing the outline, let us fill inside the mango with some small dotted patterns.



Draw another mango pattern near the finished design as shown in the picture below. Inside the pattern, draw a floral petal and try to shade it from the outline to the center. Shading in Arabic mehendi gives a unique beauty to the hands. Most of the beginners in henna designing find it difficult to achieve shading effects.



You need floral pattern mixed designs with thick outlines to get an Arabic mehendi look. Here I have given three-petal flowers at the tapered end of the pattern. You may just try out some floral designs and add it to the main design on your wrist.



After drawing another mango pattern, try to draw petals inside the design and shade it carefully as shown above. Take special care to get the exact shape of a mango with the henna cone. Now put a small dot near the mango and draw a flower as shown below. You may go for a complete or half sized flower. It depends on the size of your wrist and your creativity.



This is a simple Arabic mehendi design just for beginners in designing. You may end up a wrist design with smaller strokes and smaller dots.


Try out this simple wrist mehendi design and let me know the results through comments. Happy designing !! 🙂

“How to Mehendi Design on Hands”

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  2. Hey…….awesome design…….I’m jst a beginner…….so, loved it jesna……….contiue more designs……I wanna see dem all….

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