Amazing DIY Creative Rope Basket Ideas


DIY rope baskets can be considered as an easy craft project for a weekend. Are you still confused or trying to overcome crafter’s block? Then a rope basket can be the best craft idea to start with. These baskets are best suited as custom storage with a strong finish. You can easily craft it into different shapes of varying sizes. The rope selected for the task defines the strength of the final product.

When you are confused about organizing your stuff perfectly at home, a basket will be a great choice to hide things well. It may be costly to try out something from the shops. If you have a craft-holic mind, think of crafting a basket that can easily hide your things in a room. With a few dollar store items, one can make a basket out of rope. It will help to add an aesthetic touch to your living space, table or anywhere you select to keep it. Without any sewing process, a rope basket can be made without much hassle.


The selection of rope is a key step while buying the supplies for this project. The type of rope will determine the beauty of the finished basket. I often prefer cotton ropes over synthetic ones as it gives a natural feel. Also, it is a bit difficult to handle the tough structure of synthetic ropes.

How to select rope for basket making?

  • Select a good quality rope(Natural rope is preferred)
  • Thickness of rope
  • Consider the size of the basket to decide the length of rope

Ready to make a rope basket? Here are some of the best designs and rope basket ideas that I found from fellow crafters. Check out!

Easy Rope Basket Crafts


This rope basket is beautifully made with cotton rope and thoughtfully given a curved handle from the rope roll itself. The beauty of the off-white basket is highlighted with contrast colored paints applied at the finishing step.

make-rope-basketsDestin Rope Storage Ottoman(Ballard-Designs)

Thick ropes are usually used for making storage ottomans. Most of the websites sell these kind of natural storage options. With little time, patience and a few things, you can make this at home. Use of thick ropes make it more sturdy and long-lasting.

Handmade Rope Basket(

Coil rope baskets find great use in the kitchen as vegetable containers. With a hanging handle, it can be managed more easily inside the kitchen. Using multi-colored ropes gives a different dimension to the product.

creative-rope-basketCotton Rope basket with Tassels

Adding thread tassels can give it an aesthetic look. With an imaginative mind, one can use lace, tassels, beads and paint to make each basket unique.
decorative-rope-basketKnotted Rope Basket(ApolloBox)

I found this gardening basket at This is a perfect example of a knotted vase that can be easily made using a rope. Such baskets are ideal for growing indoor plants.

best-rope-planterGarden basketgarden-basket-ideas

Grey and White Rope Basket (White Flower Farm)

Here is a handmade basket with silvery thread lines. The handles are braided and hence easy to carry around. This polypropylene basket is great for storing household items as well as planting indoor plants.



Cotton Rope Basket with Driftwood Handle(Waterway Trading Company)rope-basket-tutorials

Coil Rope Basket(

I fell in love with these beautiful coil baskets made by Indian artists. These are completely handmade with natural dye and used natural fibers. It requires a lot of time, skill and patience to craft a complete handmade coil basket. It is suitable for storing toys or any household items as it is free-standing and sturdy.


I hope these rope basket ideas will trigger the creative artist in you. Try out something unique this week and share with me!

Here is an easy video on how to make a rope basket. Hope this one will be much helpful for beginners.

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