Paper Quilling Easter Eggs Designs By Baukje


Quilling Easter eggs with paper is an amazing craft that requires lot of creativity. Today’s featured artist is Baukje quilling-blogsfrom Netherlands. She was born on 10th July 1946. Baukje stepped into the world of crafts in the year 2004. Since then she never stepped back! She tried to experiment with paper quilling and was successful in making beautiful quilled eggs.

Visit her blog here.

Making an Easter egg is all about its dimension and shape. You need to carefully craft each and every segment so that it looks perfect. Baukje combines different colors and makes appealing designs for quilled Easter eggs. You may see Easter egg tutorials online that helps beginners to try this amazing art. Here are some of the best designs I found in her blog. Apart from quilled eggs, she also makes quilling cards and flowers.

Paper Quilling Easter Eggs








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