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Handmade Paper Flowers By Lia Griffith


Handmade paper flowers bouquets are of great demand these days. Today’s featured artist is Lia Griffith who makes beautiful crepe and tissue paper flowers. Lia is passionate about crafting amazing flowers from paper. She is a master in DIY crafts and a real talent in photography. She offers useful DIY projects and craft tips in her lifestyle blog which she started in 2013. Her works are featured in popular magazines and publications worldwide. She launched Papier Couture before coming up with the craft blog. It was a great project covering 35 dresses.


Lia Griffith also contributes for Martha Stewart and other popular blogs. Apart from blog sessions, she also offers video tutorials in her YouTube channel for beginners in art. She is more inclined towards paper crafts and making paper bouquets. Her specially designed handmade paper wedding cards are quite popular in the marketplace.

Artist Bio

She was born in an artistic family. Her parents were into art and Lia was introduced into the world of sewing and crafts. She studied graphic designing and it marked the beginning of a colorful career. Lia worked with print design, branding and designed several office spaces and restaurants. She lives in Portland with her daughter Emily.

She loves to make crepe paper roses and flowers which can be arranged to make bridal paper bouquets. Lia also makes tissue paper flowers and metallic paper flowers. Here are some of the selected paper flower ideas from her blog.

Visit her blog Lisa Griffith for handmade paper flowers tutorials.

Handmade Paper Flowers


Crepe Paper Flowers


Crepe Paper Rosescrepe-paper-rose

Crepe Paper Hibiscushibiscus-flower-making

DIY Paper Orchiddiy-orchid-flower



Paper Rose Bridal Bouquetpaper-rose-bridal-bouquet

Best Recycled Old Car Tires Ideas


Let today’s creative thought be recycling old car tires to make ottomans, chairs and garden pots. If you are thinking about used car tires recycling, this post may be helpful. Tires and tire tubes can be used surprisingly for decorating interiors and office spaces.Here are some of the best recycle crafts projects that I found online. When you make a chair from waste tires, it is better to add cushions to get a comfy look. You can even make sofas and tables in a creative way! tires can be carved in stylish ways and painted in different colors to decorate parks and public spaces. It can be ideally used to grow plants and make hanging gardens.

Recycled Old Car Tires Ideas

Have you ever thought of reusing an old tire to make an amazing seating? This rope wrapped old tire Ottoman from “Minha Casa” is a great example of recycled craft. The below image shows step by step procedure to make a tire ottoman using ropes.


Invasion Verde

It is a public park in Peru which uses recycled car tires to plant grass and flowers. This is an ideal Eco-friendly project which makes a perfect public space.old-tire-uses

Camilla H. Halvoersen

This tire tube seating idea is a great example of recycle and reuse. Used tired are perfect to craft tables, chairs and ottomans. Used tire tubes can be easily covered with fabric strips. She made this beautiful seating using a 13 inch tire tube. First you need to fill air in the tube chamber with a pump. It is better to used bright colored soft wool to wrap the tube to get a stunning look.


Interested in using old tired in your garden? Here is a cool way to arrange plants beautifully at an affordable rate.







Hope this post inspired to try out new craft projects using recycled old car tires. Feel free to share your creative ideas here! 🙂

DIY Wine Bottle Chandelier Crafts


Wine Bottle Chandeliers are the perfect DIY wine bottle craft that creates beautiful lights from waste materials. When you think of a recycled craft project, this one is a great choice. Nowadays creative artifacts are quite appreciable in contemporary interior spaces and offices. Wine bottle lights can be easily made from used bottles with less effort. Here I have selected some of the best light fixtures and designs that I found online. Hope this will be a great inspiration for my readers! 🙂

Glow 828 is a wine bottle chandelier  Etsy shop which is focused on making lights from recycled materials. Ali & Cory are the owners of this creative online shop. This couple makes amazing wine bottle lights using bottles collected from local restaurants. They use easily available light kits in the bottles to craft appealing pieces. Wood ceiling mounts are specially handmade to preserve the natural finish of the products.

Visit “Glow 828” here.

Wine Bottle Chandeliers

Ali & Cory (Glow828)Wine-Bottle-crafts






Nyr DagurWine-Bottle-lights


Chad Gordon

The “By Gordon” chandeliers are masterfully handmade from quality bottles with utmost care. You can select wooden frames of different colors and sizes for customization. The recycled bottles are selected with an artistic mind to ensure maximum uniqueness in the product. Wine Bottle Chandelier designs from Gordon are the best choice to decorate your restaurant spaces, interiors and offices.




Handmade Burlap Bridal Bouquets By Pam


Burlap bridal bouquets and flowers by the creative artist Pam is a feast to eyes. It is perfect for wedding decoration and her boutonnieres are so unique in design. Burlap roses, lilies and daisies are perfect for floral arrangements.

Artist Bio:

Pam is a popular Burlap artist from Florida. She is an adorable mother and grandmother ! She is blessed with four sons and one is married. She is a dynamic person who is interested in doing unique craft projects. Her mother inspired her to step into the colorful world of crafts. Her mother was a watercolor artist who painted lot of floral subjects.

Pam’s interest in Eco-friendly flower making started when her niece planned to select a burlap theme for her engagement. She started exploring different types of flowers, the leaf patterns and petal shapes. She started a shop in Etsy named “Blooming Burlap“. For getting antique shades on white burlap flowers, she used natural colors and tea. She often searched the market for the best burlap to ensure the quality of her products.

Visit her Etsy shop here.

Burlap wedding bouquets are amazing and perfect for unique weddings. We all think of selecting unique wedding themes. When you think of Eco-friendly weddings, this one is a perfect idea. Here are some of the selected works of this artist.

Burlap Bridal Bouquets









DIY Burlap Flower Ideas and Roses


Have you ever thought of making burlap roses or flowers? The burlap bridal bouquets can be easily made with small roses. The burlap flowers are easy to make and arrange. This is actually a DIY craft project which can be easily made by anyone interested int his art. All you need is straps of burlap and some creativity. When you search online, you can find a number of burlap rosette tutorials with step by step images. Here I have selected some of the best artists I found in Etsy shops. These artists make beautiful flowers using burlap and jute for wedding and office decorations. Here are some of the creations of these popular artists for your inspiration. 🙂

Burlap Flower Ideas

RusticBeachChic (Alena DiAmoreDS)


MARCHedition (Abbi)

Abbi is a creative artist from Canada. She is a mom of two beautiful children. Her Etsy shop has gradually developed as she focused on including more items in her portfolio.  She makes burlap flower bouquets for weddings, burlap wreaths and other decorative items.

These burlap flower bouquets are perfect for office spaces and are an amazing addition for weddings. A bunch of these Eco-friendly flowers are the best choice for long term floral arrangements.





burlap-flowersboaboowedding (Amanda)




Arabic Mehndi Designs For Hands Step By Step


Here is a simple and easy tutorial on Arabic mehndi designs for hands. Hope this one would be helpful for beginners who look for step by step images. I often love to start with wrist design. In this design, let us start from one end of wrist as shown in the picture below. Just try to draw a normal flower. Even if the petals did not come out perfectly, it does not matter. It often demands some practice. After drawing the flower, create a half mango like shape and draw curls as below. Actually drawing curls are pretty easy!

Arabic Mehndi Designs Hands


I could not take detailed photos for each step. I was tempted to draw the design in a flow. After the completing the first phase, draw an upward design. Inside the outline, draw some half-flowers as shown here. Again you can fill the space with curly designs. Now give an outline and try to make a floral design and shade it.


Try to draw the patterns as you see here. Next I have given a net like pattern. This pattern can be easily made by drawing overlapping lines and giving dotted pattern at interconnections.


Now we can proceed to the palm area. Just draw some upward line and draw simple flowers as shown. Again, we can fill the space with curly patterns.


I thought to keep the mehndi design for hands to be simple and easy. So I gave a small design from the finger tips.


If you know to draw mango and peacock mehndi patterns, you can try out some other design. This design is only intended to help beginners and art lovers. Those who like to go to the next level can definitely experiment with shading techniques and complex mehndi designs for hands. Who knows at point you may become a famous bridal mehndi artist!


Here is the final design. Try it out and share your experience with me! 🙂


Check out my article “Mehndi Design for Beginners“.

Lim Zhi Wei Floral Art Designs Illustrations


Lim Zhi Wei floral art is an inspiration to all those who love to create beautiful floral illustrations. She uses flower petals to make amazing compositions. Lim Zhi is a Malaysian artist who is settled in Singapore. She crafts gorgeous female pictures using petals and watercolor. She often makes dresses using roses, orchids, carnations and hydrangeas. Gowns made from these flowers looks absolutely stunning.

She uses white background and unique textures. Using very less painting details, she manages to make female shapes, hair and faces. Her fashion illustrations using mixed media use vibrant colors to get a unique finish. Lim Zhi Wei instagram showcases her artistic portfolio. Check her instagram here. Her beautiful flower girls always makes a wow effect on viewers! The very creative lady behind these beautiful designs conducts workshops and classes for interested people. Here are some of the selected designs by this great floral artist.

Lim Zhi Wei Floral Art Designs













Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands By Suhana


Today’s featured artist is Suhana who is known for Arabic bridal mehndi designs for hands. She is an amazing artist who outlines beautiful designs with henna. She was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Designing henna or mehndi is a true art that demands a bit of patience and creative mind. She uses finest ingredients bought from Pakistan to make henna cones.

Suhana bridal mehndi is famous for its beauty and touch of Arabic style. Use of peacocks, floral patterns, mango designs and thick lines makes her designs unique and beautiful. Her latest bridal patterns for hands and legs are stunning. If you are looking for full hand design or just palm or legs, she has got the perfect blend of patterns. Usually Indian brides prefer patterns that cover hands completely. An artist needs a creative flow while designing henna. These days there is a diverse inclination towards Arabic style. Nowadays girls prefer simple floral patterns with thick lines and shades. It appears more beautiful after washing off the mehndi. Suhana’s mehndi design service has flourished well within a short span of time. Here are some of the selected designs from this artist. Check out her Fb page for more designs.

You can call Suhana at +8801911338850 / +8801680065281 !! or visit her Facebook page here.

Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands











Creative Portrait Photography Ideas Tips


Portrait Photography Ideas and self-photography themes are quite popular these days. It is used at beginner as well as professional levels. Creative photography techniques inspire us to try out different method while taking photos. Right knowledge of shadow, light, and composition is ideal to take the best photos. There are portrait photography ideas for couples and girls. The nature of idea changes with respect to time.

Self-portraits and iPhone photography are quite popular these days. The challenge here is maximized use of a smartphone to get the best results.


Portrait photography tips like focusing on the emotion of a person are quite important to capture an outstanding photo. The facial expressions thus play a vital role in each photography. You can capture a photo from a diverse angle, with a different pose. The creativity lies in finding the best selective element that suits for a person. Sometimes it may be the background or the mood of a person. A child face can be pictured in a different way than that of an old face. Age of a person is another factor which we always ignore in portrait photography. Here I have selected some of the best portrait photography by famous photographers around the globe. If you are inspired by this collection, feel free to share your portrait photography ideas here. 🙂

Portrait Photography Ideas

Robert Laska


Phillipe Royportrait_photography

Kiku Noemyself-photography-ideas


Gemma Bouportrait_photography_ideas

Rui Silvatop_portrait_photography


Carolina Tarreself-photography-ideas

Naomi FrostPortrait-Photography



Amazing Tree House Designs and Ideas


Tree house designs are always an interesting choice for many around us. Most people search for tree house resorts and holidays to spend vacation in an amazing way. These ideas help us to get closer to the nature. We often think about such houses built on trees as an alternative heaven on earth. It was a genuine idea and way of living which was implemented in the earlier ages by people who lived in forests. There are tribes who live in such houses permanently. It is often the most secure way to hide themselves from animals such as elephants. It was also helpful during the times of flood. 

Now tree houses hold a unique position in forest tourism. Leading architects and tree house designers build creative houses on trees which are perfect to spend holidays. Keeping the traditional element apart, these houses are constructed in a contemporary manner. It often includes several floors, modern interiors and even glass walls. Tree house resorts in Japan, India and Canada are quite famous tourist spots. Eco-friendly living concepts are best outlined with hill station resorts. Tree house Waynad and Munnar are quite famous destinations of India. Wooden structures and igloo like houses built on trees are a feast to eyes. Here are some of the selected tree house designs from various parts of the globe. 

Tree House Designs









Kazuki Yamamoto Coffee Art


Kazuki-Yamamoto-wikiKazuki Yamamoto is a Japanese coffee latte artist who is known for his amazing 3D coffee latte art. Kazuki Yamamoto Coffee Art is a trending topic in the internet these days. He serves beautifully designed coffee for the visitors of his shop “cafe10g” in Japan. His latte art lasts for only a few minutes, but it is unique and creative! His twitter fans proves his popularity in the online world. He creates 3D coffee form sculptures of cats, fishes, dogs, giraffes and several creatures inside a coffee mug! Before stepping into this art, he was successful in crafting beautiful images on the coffee foam surface. He made several portraits and images on the flat surface of coffee foam. This artist dreams to start his own coffee shop one day in Tokyo.

Kazuki Yamamoto Coffee Art Technique

The whole procedure demands lot of attention and patience. He pours foamed milk very carefully on the top of a coffee cup. In order to draw shapes, diverse brownish shades are required. He starts to draw by making these brown shades with the help of cocoa powder and coffee. A metal pick can be used as the best tool to make sharp lines on the white milk foam.  Thus, one cup requires about 5-10 minutes to complete and simply drinks his own creation!

He started this art about 3 years ago while working at a cafe. His studied the basics of latte art from a colleague. He used spoons to create foam puffs on coffee. Now he can easily make up puffed noses and ears. His coffee giraffes, rabbits and cats seem to rise up from the coffee! Here are some of the selected coffee latte art by this great artist.

Visit his twitter profile here.











Amazing Pencil Carving Designs By Cerkahegyzo


Cerkahegyzo is a Hungarian artist who is known for creative pencil carving miniatures. His pencil sculptures are the best example of miniature art. He uses different kinds of pencils, files, blades and needles to craft these amazing sculptures. He was inspired by the pencil carving designs of Dalton Ghetti. He is a professional tool maker and loves to make beautiful sculptures during free time.

Pencil carving art demands lot of patience and time. Each work is the result of hours of hard work. He even makes bird cages, keys and snakes on pencil tips.

Check out his profile here.

Pencil Carving Designs













Cold Porcelain Wedding Bouquets By Vala


Today’s featured artist is Vala who makes beautiful cold porcelain wedding bouquets and flowers. Her Etsy shop Parsi offers clay flowers that compete with natural flowers by all means. If you are interested to have a bridal bouquet that lasts forever, clay flower bouquets are the best option! Vala loves to make amazing clay bouquets with cold porcelain. 

Vala’s clay works are the perfect example of perfectionism and each one is crafted with utmost care. She has a rich history of over 10 years in making and displaying bouquets for wedding functions. She often takes natural flowers to study details and color tones. Compared to other types of clay, cold porcelain is easy to work with. It also gives more natural finish. She does not use molds, vein makers or cutters  in her works. Thus we can call her works as perfectly handmade clay flowers. Her cold porcelain roses and pansies are stunning. Here are some of the selected works from Parsi.

Cold Porcelain Wedding Bouquets