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Kazuki-Yamamoto-wikiKazuki Yamamoto is a Japanese coffee latte artist who is known for his amazing 3D coffee latte art. Kazuki Yamamoto Coffee Art is a trending topic in the internet these days. He serves beautifully designed coffee for the visitors of his shop “cafe10g” in Japan. His latte art lasts for only a few minutes, but it is unique and creative! His twitter fans proves his popularity in the online world. He creates 3D coffee form sculptures of cats, fishes, dogs, giraffes and several creatures inside a coffee mug! Before stepping into this art, he was successful in crafting beautiful images on the coffee foam surface. He made several portraits and images on the flat surface of coffee foam. This artist dreams to start his own coffee shop one day in Tokyo.

Kazuki Yamamoto Coffee Art Technique

The whole procedure demands lot of attention and patience. He pours foamed milk very carefully on the top of a coffee cup. In order to draw shapes, diverse brownish shades are required. He starts to draw by making these brown shades with the help of cocoa powder and coffee. A metal pick can be used as the best tool to make sharp lines on the white milk foam.  Thus, one cup requires about 5-10 minutes to complete and simply drinks his own creation!

He started this art about 3 years ago while working at a cafe. His studied the basics of latte art from a colleague. He used spoons to create foam puffs on coffee. Now he can easily make up puffed noses and ears. His coffee giraffes, rabbits and cats seem to rise up from the coffee! Here are some of the selected coffee latte art by this great artist.

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