How to Mehndi Design on Hands Step By Step


Are you searching for information on “how to design mehendi” or”how to design henna”? Here is a comprehensive guide on step by step mehendi design for beginners. It is beyond doubt that henna looks pretty even in all occasions and it has got a unique   meaning when used for festivals. Henna designing is much easier when you acquire the right flow and style.There are many ways to express yourself through design.

As a beginner, you just need to need to familiarize with some basic elements of designing.Henna is also called mendi or mehndi. It plays a crucial role in the festive occasions and wedding functions. Henna designing has gained much popularity during the recent years. The art of mehendi designing has got its own importance as a functional element of decoration.

Step by Step Mehendi Design

How to Design Henna on Hands

Let’s start. Here I am giving you a step-by-step tutorial on how to design henna on hands. Let me tell you that henna designing has got its own styles and specialized designs. Once you are into the art of designing, you would find it much easier to try different styles and patterns on your hands.

Lets suppose that someone asked your help to design henna on their hands. How do you come up with a henna design?  Here are a couple steps to guide you through the art of mehndi designing. 

First keep your hands clean( it is your canvas). Make your henna tube or cone ready to use by making a small hole at the tip.

how-to-design-hennaHenna designs are characterized with some basic shapes and elements like flowers, curls, dots and lines. We can start with a floral pattern. You might have noticed the shading effect on each petal of the flower. How to create shading effect with henna? You can simply do it by dragging your henna cone tip from the outline of a petal to inwards so that several light-weight lines are formed.

Outline the design and then proceed to the finer details.

how-to-design-hennaArabic mehndi is the latest buzz word in the world of henna designing. What is the difference between Indian, Pakistani or Arabic mehndi? Here what you find is an arabic mehndi design which is slightly influenced by the Indian henna designs.

henna-design-ideasDesigning henna on wrist is the next task. Use of elongated patterns would help you to achieve a good finish. Arabic designs are characterized with thick lines and shades. Thick floral designs adds to the beauty of a henna design. Continue designing freely with your choice of patterns and once you practice the designs, you can make it more perfect.




Now, we have finished up with a henna design. I know it is hard for you to design arabic henna patterns. Here is another tip. Try to draw the below mango-like shape on your hand. If you find it difficult to make a correct mango shape, try several times.

Henna designing step-by-step

henna-design-handsAfter you finish the mango shape, try to draw some petals inside the mango pattern. Outline the basic design with lines and end up with a flower of three petals. You can try any design of your choice to make it more attractive.


We can try another design. Start a simple pattern from the tip of your finger as shown in the picture. You can add floral designs with thick outlines so that it looks like arabic design.

henna-design-artThis simple design is easy to create and good for beginners. Note that here I am not showing any complicated henna designs. These all are easy designs made from simple patterns. If you have ample time and patience, you can easily master the art of henna designing.

Henna design on wrist

Henna designs are widely used over hands and legs. Now a days people prefer designing on wrists, belly and single designs on fingers. This one is a simple henna design for wrist. Start up with a floral outline and thicken the edges.

henna-designAdd more shapes and designs so that it looks combined with the floral pattern. Try to make thick strokes for a better outlook.


If you are an avid henna design lover you can try jardoshi and combination of arabic designs. Please leave me a comment and let me know your ideas and suggestions on mehndi designing.

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  3. i have a little daughter and she attends a vedic school and always having programs to go to so i will always have to put on henna for her but it dont always comes out as it shoud

    1. Hi Pamela, nice to hear that you put some effort to come up with the design. Go on trying and You will be soon mastering the art of henna designing. Try to correct and learn simple patterns and then move onto the complete design.

  4. Rajkumar Gandhi

    Its very good teaching that how to design heena on hands pl. give more detais about design how to strock and how to make organic cone which is not harmful to skin

    1. Thank you Rajkumar for your valuable comment. If you are talking about strokes or shades, it is simple if you just give it a try. Keep in mind that the pressure you apply on the henna tube while designing is also a factor that affects the outcome. Start with a simple design, try to outline it again and again until you are confident to draw that particular design. Now try to add extensions to your design. For example, start with a simple mango design (refer the image). Try to draw freely and draw anything you like, (circle, square etc)…..You will soon find it easier to draw anything perfectly !!

  5. hai.thank u for the informations .i like mbbehndi designing,but no way to go out for classes.can u teach me this online.

    1. Hi Rahu,
      It is great to know that you found my post useful ! You can easily learn mehendi designing. I would drop a mail regarding this.

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  7. very useful post. I like to put Mehandi on my hand but they dont turn out nice. can u pls ahare step-by-step details for some basic design, which i can Mix-n-match.

    Thanks in advance

  8. hi im interested to learn mehndi designs bt in arabic designs im nt able to shades n stroks in de flowers can u teach me dat

    1. Hi Karthikka,
      You can learn arabic mehendi designing easily. Just try to draw a single floral pattern. Try to shade slowly. Just give strokes from an outer line to inwards the design. Then it will look like a shade. Try it out and do let me know the result. 🙂

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  10. hai jesna i like tha way how u approach to all.i like to do all the topics which u mentioned above could u help me to learn all things form very basic plz like mehandhi,quilling,crochet,etc

    1. Hi Nassie,

      Thank for visiting my blog! 🙂 I am happy that you found my tutorials helpful. I would be posting detailed articles on quilling and mehendi. You may ask any doubts regarding these. 🙂

  11. can you tell me the elements or designs basically used in arabic style?????? plz teach me new designs……… plz…. plz….plz…… I m crazy ab8 mehndi….. plz help……….

    1. Hi Anushka, floral and mango designs are commonly used in arabic mehendi. With thick strokes, you can make it perfectly Arabic!

  12. Nice Tutorial. Flower henna designs are easy to make and takes no time. This designs are very famous that adds charm to women’s beauty. Recently i found nice tutorial which helped me alot.

    1. Dear Sufiya, I think it is much better to draw some free hand images using mehendi cone on a paper. After some practice, you can easily do it on your hands!!


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