Handmade Terracotta Jewelry Designs By Mayoora Jewels


Terracotta jewelry is quite popular these days. It is processed natural clay which is crafted into beautiful pieces of  jewelry. Handmade jewelry outlines a special touch of skill and technique. Terracotta clay means “cooked earth” which is the purified clay. It requires a series of steps to make an ornament with clay.

Today’s featured artist is Archana from Mayoora Jewels. She is a software engineer who stepped into the world of jewelry making during her past time. Archana learned terracotta jewelry making from Bangalore and started her own brand “Mayoora Jewels” where she showcases beaded and paper jewelry along with terracotta. Now Mayoora is a popular name in the world of terracotta jewelry. It is the elegant and class look that makes her handmade jewelry special.

Handmade Terracotta Jewelry Designs









clay-peacock-necklaceHandmade Terracotta Jumkaclay-jumka-designs

9 thoughts on “Handmade Terracotta Jewelry Designs By Mayoora Jewels”

  1. Plz let me know from wr to get the colored back thread u used in this jewelleries. Ur crrations r elegent. Keep going. Plz reply.

    1. Hi Sharmila, I bought the thread from a craft store. It is usually available in all craft stores. Thank you dea 🙂

  2. Hi
    Can u suggest me where do I get patterns in chennai to do exact shapes of jumkas and dollars of chain???

    1. Hi Shamili, I am from Kerala and I do not know much about Chennai shops. But I have heard there are shops in T Nagar that sell Jhumka molds.

  3. Beautiful designs.archana where in bangalore did u learn terracotta designing.Kindly furnish the address’s…


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