Creative Portrait Photography Ideas Tips


Portrait Photography Ideas and self-photography themes are quite popular these days. It is used at beginner as well as professional levels. Creative photography techniques inspire us to try out different method while taking photos. Right knowledge of shadow, light, and composition is ideal to take the best photos. There are portrait photography ideas for couples and girls. The nature of idea changes with respect to time.

Self-portraits and iPhone photography are quite popular these days. The challenge here is maximized use of a smartphone to get the best results.


Portrait photography tips like focusing on the emotion of a person are quite important to capture an outstanding photo. The facial expressions thus play a vital role in each photography. You can capture a photo from a diverse angle, with a different pose. The creativity lies in finding the best selective element that suits for a person. Sometimes it may be the background or the mood of a person. A child face can be pictured in a different way than that of an old face. Age of a person is another factor which we always ignore in portrait photography. Here I have selected some of the best portrait photography by famous photographers around the globe. If you are inspired by this collection, feel free to share your portrait photography ideas here. ­čÖé

Portrait Photography Ideas

Robert Laska


Phillipe Royportrait_photography

Kiku Noemyself-photography-ideas


Gemma Bouportrait_photography_ideas

Rui Silvatop_portrait_photography


Carolina Tarreself-photography-ideas

Naomi FrostPortrait-Photography



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