Beautiful Crochet Necklace Designs and Patterns


Crochet necklace designs and patterns are always an interesting stuff for those who are interested in crochet jewellery. With the ever changing fashion concepts and trends, crochet accessories found a unique position in the jewellery world. It is not an easy task to create a complete piece of jewellery using thread and crochet. It takes lot of time and patience to craft such amazing necklaces.

I went through a number of blogs and websites to find the best crochet necklace patterns online. I am sharing impressive designs here so that it could be an inspiration for budding designers.

There are different types of crochet necklace designs. For example, you can try floral patterns using crochet. It is important how you craft the petals and the stem. Ring patterns are more attractive and can be combined with flowers to make elegant neck collars like the one shown below. The designs depend upon your creativity. You can stitch with variety of colors, different patterns, beads etc.

Crochet Necklace Patterns:

free-crochet-jewelleryFios de Linha



crochet-necklaceElena Rosenberg








crochet-accessoriesValerie Barkowski


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