Arabic Mehndi Designs For Hands Step By Step


Here is a simple and easy tutorial on Arabic mehndi designs for hands. Hope this one would be helpful for beginners who look for step by step images. I often love to start with wrist design. In this design, let us start from one end of wrist as shown in the picture below. Just try to draw a normal flower. Even if the petals did not come out perfectly, it does not matter. It often demands some practice. After drawing the flower, create a half mango like shape and draw curls as below. Actually drawing curls are pretty easy!

Arabic Mehndi Designs Hands


I could not take detailed photos for each step. I was tempted to draw the design in a flow. After the completing the first phase, draw an upward design. Inside the outline, draw some half-flowers as shown here. Again you can fill the space with curly designs. Now give an outline and try to make a floral design and shade it.


Try to draw the patterns as you see here. Next I have given a net like pattern. This pattern can be easily made by drawing overlapping lines and giving dotted pattern at interconnections.


Now we can proceed to the palm area. Just draw some upward line and draw simple flowers as shown. Again, we can fill the space with curly patterns.


I thought to keep the mehndi design for hands to be simple and easy. So I gave a small design from the finger tips.


If you know to draw mango and peacock mehndi patterns, you can try out some other design. This design is only intended to help beginners and art lovers. Those who like to go to the next level can definitely experiment with shading techniques and complex mehndi designs for hands. Who knows at point you may become a famous bridal mehndi artist!


Here is the final design. Try it out and share your experience with me! 🙂


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