Silk Ribbon Flower Embroidery Designs For Beginners

Silk ribbon flowers are a great area of craft that helps to create beautiful flowers with ribbon. If you are a beginner looking for creative craft, this one may be a good fit for you! Most of us prefer to make roses with silk ribbon to decorate gift boxes, cards and for embroidery works.

You can make roses, daffodils, hydrangea, peonies, dahlia, sunflower or any kind of flower with ribbon. If you can master some basic stitches, the rest comes easy. This post is intended to be an inspiration for budding artists in silk ribbon embroidery.

Silk ribbon flowers





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8 thoughts on “Silk Ribbon Flower Embroidery Designs For Beginners

  1. Muy lindos los bordados en cinta, quisiera velos hacer por medio de un vídeo. ..con sus propias manos.

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