Carrot Flower Carving Patterns and Ideas By Warunee Tintamusik

Carrot flower carving designs and instructions are quite helpful for budding carving artists in this field. Today’s featured artist is Warunee Tintamusik who designs amazing patterns using vegetables. She is a talented artist who is well known for her amazing carving using carrot, pumpkin, watermelon, orange and many other vegetables and fruits. Carrot carving demands use of specialized tools. Warunee uses her talent and patience with these tools to craft beautiful flowers and birds.

Warunee’s designs are blessed with a special sense of perfection and beauty. Most of her designs shows how beautifully one can turn a carrot into a rose or tulip. With delicate and simple carrot strands, she managed to craft complex bouquet arrangements. These vegetable carvings are ideal for wedding and party decorations. Some can be used as a centerpiece for dining table. Although there are a number of vegetable carving artists in this domain, Warunee managed to set a unique signature of her own with graceful patterns and creative ideas.

I have selected some of the striking carrot flower carvings from this great artist. Hope this will be an inspiration for you! :)

Carrot Flower Carving













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